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Operator training OR artisan short courses

If you’re interested in Operator training OR artisan short courses, We recommend checking out Fair Fee Training and Projects. We offer a variety of courses related to heavy equipment operation and artisan skills. Here are some details:

  1. Courses Offered:

  • Overhead Cranes: Learn how to operate overhead cranes safely and efficiently.

  • Mobile Cranes: Training for operating mobile cranes.

  • Excavators: Master the skills needed to operate excavators.

  • Front End Loaders, Bulldozers, and other heavy equipment.

  1. Artisan Fields:

  • Diesel Mechanics: Gain expertise in diesel engine maintenance.

  • Boilermaker/Welding: Learn welding techniques and boiler making.

  • Rigging: Understand rigging principles.

  • Electrical (Semi-Skilled): Basic electrical skills.

  • Fitter (Semi-Skilled): Mechanical fitting and machinery repair.

  1. Accreditation:

  • Certificates issued by Fair Fee Training and Projects are accredited with various organizations, including TETA, CETA, SAQA, SETA, and QCTO.

  • These certifications are internationally recognized.

  1. Location:

  1. Contact Information:



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Whether you’re a novice or an experienced operator, Fair Fee Training provides professional training to help you achieve your goals. Remember to inquire about specific course availability and fees. Good luck with your training!


Operator training OR artisan short courses
Operator training OR artisan short courses

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