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Fair Fee Training and Projects offers a MOBILE CRANE training course that spans over 15 days and costs R5500. This course provides an excellent opportunity to learn and enhance your skills in the field of mobile crane operation1. Here are some details about the course:

  1. Common Occupation Skills: The course covers essential skills relevant to mobile crane operation.

  2. Hoisting Calculations: You’ll learn how to calculate load capacities, lifting angles, and other critical factors for safe crane operation.

  3. Crane Inspection and Maintenance: Understanding proper inspection procedures and maintenance practices is crucial for safe and efficient crane operation.

  4. Lifting Planning, Site Preparation, and Crane Setup: Learn how to plan lifts, prepare the work site, and set up the crane for optimal performance.

  5. Crane Assembly, Disassembly, and Transport: Understand the process of assembling and disassembling cranes, as well as transporting them to different locations.

  6. Crane Operation: Practical training on operating mobile cranes, including safety protocols and best practices.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start a career in crane operation or an experienced operator seeking to enhance your skills, this course can provide valuable knowledge and hands-on experience.


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