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SEMI SKILLED RIGGING**ADVANCED RIGGING (NQF LEVEL 3) – 6 WEEKS - R17,000. (free overalls come with

**ADVANCED RIGGING (NQF LEVEL 3) – 6 WEEKS - R17,000. (free overalls come with safety boots).** Rigger; includes the erecting of structural steel and working safely at heights, i.e. harness / static line, etc. Safety is of utmost importance in a work area, especially if you are dealing with heavy machinery or equipment. To avoid mistakes that can be dangerous to workers, there are set guidelines and requirements that company owners and workers must adhere to. One of these is getting a basic rigging ticket or undergoing basic rigging training. What do you need a rigging ticket for? Without undergoing a rigging training, you may have to deal with any of these situations: *(a)* damage/s to equipment *(b)* infringement notices from the Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland *(c)* inconvenience to your client/s *(d)* higher insurance premiums It is important to obtain a basic rigging ticket or undergo basic rigging training. Both the company owner and trainee should keep in mind that it is their legal obligation to follow the set guidelines to keep workers safe at all times

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