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SAFETY COURSES *Personal Protective Equipment - 1 - WEEK - R2500 *ICAM Training (ICAM stands for incident cause analysis method) - 1 week – R5300. What is the role of an ICAM investigator? It’s not quite like CSI and definitely not as glamorous, but an ICAM investigator takes their work just as seriously as Horatio Caine takes his grisly murder investigations and the questions they must answer in the course of an investigation are actually pretty similar. They boil down to: What happened? Why did it happen? What are we going to do about it? What have we learned that we can share? These are known as absent or Failed Defences. The next step is to look at the Individual or Team Actions that contributed to the incident. These are the mistakes or violations of procedure that led to the accident and might involve something like an employee mishandling a piece of equipment or machinery. Then you’re going to take a good look at the Task or Environmental Conditions that influenced the human and equipment performance. For example, was the staff member adequately trained for that particular task? Where they provided with the right tools? Were they under pressure to get the task finished faster than was reasonable? * Level 1 First Aid – 1 WEEK – R3000 * BASIC FIRE FIGHTING – 1 WEEK – R3500 * Planned Task ObservaTION

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