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Riggers are involved with the lifting and moving of heavy machinery and equipment by using cranes and other special equipment. Before a load is handled, Riggers calculate the weight of the object, and the ability of the rigging equipment to perform the work in a safe manner. Riggers may work in a workshop, underground in a mine, on ground level or hundreds of meters up in the air when putting up or taking down different kinds of structures.

What kind of skills do I need?

The following skills and attributes may contribute to becoming a successful Rigger;

•The ability to make correct judgments and decisions with regards to rigging tasks.

•The aptitude to give full attention to instructions and commands.

•The ingenuity to develop and implement solutions to rigging problems.

•The capability to perceive depth of field and estimate distance.

•Physical ability to manual handle tools and rigging equipment.

• Being able to work at heights

•Be truthful, ethical, and last but certainly not least, hard-working

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