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Occupational Certificate: Occupational Health And Safety.


❖ ❖ *>Principles of health and safety in the work place ❖ ❖ *>Hard Identification and Controls ❖ ❖ *>Risk assessment within the work place *Health and safety representative in work places ❖ ❖ *>Implementation of occupational, Health and safety Management systems. *Methods of Hazard controls ❖ ❖ *>Methods of Hazard Identification ❖ ❖ *>Strategies of Minimizing risks and Health hazards at work ❖ ❖ *>Interpretation the occupational health and safety Acts ❖ ❖ *>Duties and responsibilities of an Occupational health and safety Practitioner ❖ ❖ *>Report writing ❖ ❖ *>Incident and accident investigation strategies ❖ ❖ *>Ergonomic Hazards, identification and prevention. ❖ ❖ *>Fire and emergency Egress ❖ ❖ *>Chemical hazard communication, identification and prevention. ❖ ❖ *>Root causes Analysis. ❖ ❖ *>Record keeping ❖ ❖ *>Emergency eyewash ❖ ❖ *>Heat stress ❖ ❖ *>Lifting equipments safety and inspections ❖ ❖ *>Work place safety and hygiene ❖ ❖ *>Storage of flammable materials, fire codes, and evacuation procedure.

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