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Diesel Mechanic training

Diesel mechanic training costs R11000 and takes 4-5 weeks. After the diesel mechanic course a student is awarded a nqf diesel mechanic certificate and becomes qualified diesel mechanic who earn average salary of R15000 per month. Skills are attained at the Diesel mechanic training centre at minimal fees.

Modules for diesel mechanics course and their duties and responsibilities include

• Description and Operation o Diesel engine description and operation o Description and operation of diesel engine components, mechanism and devices

• Appropriate Use o Operation Restrictions o Diesel engine preparing for operation o Diesel engine and its component maintenance o Operation in extreme condition

• Maintenance o Diesel engine maintenance o Diesel engine preparing for operation

• Current Repair o Engine current repair o Engine component current repair

• Storage

• Transportation •

• Recycling Outcome after the training

• Explain the principles of operation and factors critical to maintaining a diesel engine..

• Prepare to perform routine maintenance and inspection on a diesel engine.

• Perform routine maintenance on a diesel engine.

• Perform start-up and run-down inspections and monitor operation.

• Care for tools and equipment and record information on work done.

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