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Copy of 👌👉If you train more than one *MACHINERY* course, you also receive a free **DUMP TRUCK ADT*

Fair Fee Training and Projects REG NO: 2013/174180/07 ( pty )

Crane Operator Training

Fair Fee Training and Projects offers three types of cranes operator training which include: >MOBILE CRANE >TOWER CRANE >OVERHEAD CRANE These programs are designed to teach a person how to safely operate these cranes and to help the student get their crane operator accredited certification through the best training.

Dump Truck Training

How to Become Dump Truck Operator With construction and mining picking up across Africa, the need for skilled and qualified dump truck operators will only increase. Dump truck operators play a major role on every work-site and are relied on when it comes to keeping production moving along efficiently and on time.


At Fair Fee Training and Projects, pre start checks will be carried out prior to the ADT being operated. The checks will be recorded in the daily inspection book. Thats where training on how to operate an Articulated Dump Truck starts. Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Career? Call Us Today! All training is taught by professionals with several years of experience in the construction and Mine industry. Thousands of students from all over the country have graduated from our programs with certifications that helped them secure jobs. We have trained and certified thousands of students Using our experienced, professional instructors, Fair Fee Training and Projects grooms truly valuable operators with the real-world skills.

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