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Copy of #BoilerMaker #DieselMechanics #Electrical #DumpTruck #Excavator #Rigging #FrontEndLoader#Art

🙋👉WE are based in RUSTENBURG TOWN NORTH WEST PROVINCE SOUTH AFRICA, 33 STEEN STREET, KERN BUILDING, OFFICE NO.2 NEXT TO BLESKOP TAXI ASSOCIATION OR ESKOM OFFICES. 💁👉All our students outside *RUSTENBURG* *TOWN* or outside S.Africa like; NAMIBIA, ZIMBABWE, BOTSWANA, LESOTHO, ZAMBIA, SWAZILAND, etc, they come to Rustenburg because all practical are done here and that’s why we offer free accommodation. 👭People not familiar with S.Africa or Rustenburg town where we are situated, simply let us know the day you start traveling and our school car will be ready to pick you up at the taxi rank at any time you arrive.👬

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